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Original Thai Tattoo Thailand.

Below Senior Master Ajarn Aut

Thai Tattoo Yants in Thailand

Thai Tattoo Thailand, Many websites have information about this, and everyone says that they are the best or original. That is not always true. (do your research and find out) We have worked with a lot of masters, and know who is original and true. To start with Ajarn Noo is the number one master at present, We have worked with him for about 15 years. The second master is Ajarn Ohr and he is at the same level as Ajarn Noo or better. We have worked with him for 10 years or so. Ajarn Noo is retiring and will only take bookings when required. The only master who can take over is Grand Master Ajarn Ohr. Ajarn Ohr has the most amazing place for Thai Tattoo Thailand. They both live outside of Bangkok.

If you want to have experience in and around Bangkok, then the best and proven, qualified, and more important is lineage. Their history of being in the system from being a disciple to a Senior Sak Yant Master Ajarns. They are part of the same family as Sak Yant Masters.

Senior Masters Ajarn Aut and Ajarn Sak, who work at Thai Tattoo Yant Temple and have 5-star Google reviews. They are the top two Masters in Bangkok.

5 Line Hah Taew Thai Tattoo

Yant Hah Taew, 5 Lines of Kata Yants

The renowned Yant Hah Taew is one of the most popular Sak Yant tattoos in both Thailand and beyond. Yant Hah Taew provides life sustenance, good luck, good fortune, wealth, attraction, charisma, success, and the warding off of evil. No wonder it is so popular!

Thai Tattoo History and the Khmer Empire

The Khmer Empire was created about 1,200 years ago and lasted for about 600 years and then collapsed in CE 1430. As you can see from the map below, Khmer Empire was mainly Thailand.

Sak Yant Thai Tattoo Khmer Impire

 Compare the maps.

Thailand today

Tattooing has been around for a long time, Tens of thousands of years. The first recorded tattoo is on a mummy at about 5,500 years old and then the IceMan at 5,300 years old with 61 tattoos. Amazing.  Tattoos were very popular back then, with a world population of 40 million. Nearly all people were decorated, one way or another, as they are today. Below Iceman two lines around his wrist, good parallel hand poke lines.

Iceman tattooed wrist

Symbols are created and there is always meaning behind them. Ruesi, Larsi, Sharmans, leaders and teachers. The village and tribe leaders used symbols, back then as a way to pass on knowledge, and a way, to live a good life. This is how Thai Tattoos started.

Ruesi Master Thai Tattoo Yants

Going to war is not easy. Taking part in a battle is scary. So the Ruesi masters would tattoo the soldier, for courage, protection, long life, and the ability to succeed and win. There have always been wars in the entire history of humans.

Even in quiet times between wars, people, still want protection, long life, to win, virility, and make babies. That’s why you see a lot about children in Sak Yant, It’s about family.

You can see below, just at the entrance to the Sam Nak Thai Tattoo temple, toys, are displayed and not to play with. They are symbols of a good and healthy family life.

Sak Yant Children

What people tend to do is attach things to the countries, as we know them now. Back then, there were none of these countries in this area (south East Asia). China, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Burma, Nepal, India, etc. There were many kings with their own areas and battles had gone on for thousands of years, to gain land. Bangkok is the capital today, the capital was originally over the other side of the river and was known as Ayutthaya, a trading city. The people of Burma as known today, attacked Ayutthaya many times over 200 years. So, it was abandoned for Bangkok and put the river between them. 

Thai Tattoo Kata Yant Language and Sanskrit History

A lot of people think that Sak Yant Thai Tattoos started in Cambodia because the text they use is Sanskrit. Sanskrit is a very old written language, about 3,500 years or so, and spread from the North Western continent to South East Asia.  Same as the Roman written text spread to the western continents. As the text spread across different continents, the language changed, i.e., German, English, French, Europe, etc., and the same for India, Thai, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, etc. as we know them today. When the Khmer Empire collapse it was separated into different countries by the French monarchy at that time. Same as the British monarchy split and made India and Pakistan etc. At first, when the Khmer Empire collapsed, Thailand as we know it to date, was called Siam. The king at this time decided to change the written text from Khmer Sanskrit to the Thai script. Wow, this is a complicated language. The hardest language to learn, Google Translate still struggles with it. As for why Thai Tattoo Sak Yants still use this old Sanskrit text, is because Sak Yant Ruesi masters carried on using it. Because of the magical white powers used in chanting. The language is called Katta which has nothing to do with Cambodia as many people believe. It’s a different language. They cannot read it the same as I cannot read French, German, etc. It is mostly a forgotten language, in fact, Yants do not say anything nowadays. It’s a yant/chant, white magical sound. You will see many masters, who are not true masters, just copy the text. A true master will write his own mantra, Yant, as our Masters do.

white magical chants, in Thailand, they use the term 108, which means many times or lots. A chant is done lots of times by a Master and while they do the chanting, they think about what white magic they can put into the chant. Like protection and good luck etc. The oldest Sak Yant design that I know of is, about 500 years. It is a big square Yant and has over 300 Yants in it. That is truly amazing but only the original master who created it, knows the Yants.

Chad Petch Diamond Net 5 Lines

Chad Petch, 5 lines, Diamond Net Umbrella Armour/Shield Protection

and (Good Luck and Fortune) is traditional Thai tattoo with five rows of yantras representing magical spells.

It has a similar definition to the Yant Hah Taew, but the Yant Hah Chad Petch (Hah means 5) is deemed more powerful due to the interconnecting of all the magical spells, known as a diamond net for protection.

Sak Yant Thai Tattoo Grouping

Here are some titles that you can search for and see the results, which include amulets, Thai designs, etc

Awk Seuk

A willingness to go to war or to fight battles for those who have your loyalty and the desire to fight for what is right.

Chana Satru

The ability to defeat the enemy. Muay Thai fighters like this.

Choke Lap

The meaning is to bring luck and Fortune. It brings one fortuitous result, in things such as a promotion in one’s workplace, winning lotteries, and achieving higher social standing.

Jang Ngang

This provides the ability to stun the target and render a state of paralysis and inability to react.

Kong Grapan Chatri

This signifies someone is not only invaluable but priceless.

Kong Kra Phan

This will provide Magical protection and invincibility.

Klaew Klaad, Klaeoklad

This benefit ensures that the wearer will not suffer serious injury. The design confers protection from deadly accidents and danger.

Maha Amnaj Maha

The meaning is to be great or large.  Amnaj equals power, authority, and the ability to be able to inspire respect and at the same time, fear.

Maha Amnat

This will give the wearer great power, authority, and control over other people.

Ma Hah Lap

This will bring great good fortune and luck.

Metta Mahaniyom

With this blessing, you will be treated by others with great loving kindness and compassion which will improve your popularity and help you to gain preferential treatment.

Maha Sanae, Ma Hah Saneh

This will give you charm and increase your popularity and attractiveness with the opposite sex.

Nah Tee Gan Ngan Dee

This benefit will help you to improve your circumstances at work.

Noon Chataa

This benefit will improve your destiny, fate


This will ensure that in whatever enterprise or business activities the wearer is involved in they will have the ability to do the work correctly and ensures that everything will run smoothly.

Pong Gan Antarai

This will give protection against accidents including natural disasters as well as giving protection against acts of violence.

Traditional Hand Poke or Machine Sak Yant tattoos?

Traditional Hand Poke Sak Yant Thai Tattoos

Should be done by the stick, Sak, which means to poke and originally done with a sharp piece of bamboo and charcoal water ink. Over the years, sharp metal replaced the bamboo. At first, needles were attached to a bamboo and then the bamboo was replaced all together by stainless steel rods. That’s for hygiene and accuracy and quality of the designs. Practically all masters will only bless and activate hand poke designs. Unfortunately, there are a small number who will bless anything, thus deeming it as not original.

Machine Sak Yant tattoos

This is not a problem although some people might say to refrain from having one being done by machine, because it will bring bad luck. But like I say, its ok. I only listen to the top masters and they have never said anything like that about using a machine. Sak Yant is about white magic and not black magic and bad luck, so, a real master would never talk in that way. Machine Sak Yant tattoo designs are more for beauty and not white magical Yants, which brings good luck and protection, etc.

Which of Thai Sak Yant Tattoo Masters are real or fake?

That’s a hard one to say. I have worked over the years with many different levels of artists and masters who perform these designs. You have those who do not pretend to be a master, but do the designs purely for beauty (aesthetics). When I first started, I worked with masters who really knew very little about Yants, which in itself was not a bad thing due to them being autodidactic who wished to learn and increase their knowledge and skills because they never had the opportunity in their past to learn from an experienced master. The best masters are trained by those whom are the most proficient and I have worked with most of these top masters in and around the Bangkok area of the Holy Wat Bang Phra Temple. This place was a training temple for Sak Yants until the monks were banned by the Thai government from doing them. Many of the monks at Wat Bang Phra temple decided to refrain from being a monk and went on to become Sak Yant Masters and a number of them are still doing them.

Saying that, it is difficult to recommend this temple because:

A – You don’t know who is going to do the designs

B – You may get a design by a trainee and thus not so experienced.

This in itself is one of the major reasons why you should get a Sacred Sak Yant tattoo from an experienced master, like the ones we have or work with.

Original Sak Yant Tradition Thai Tattoo Designs.

What are traditional Sak Yants tattoos? The oldest I know about is from around 500 years old and all were been designed in Siam/Thailand. They have somewhat changed over the centuries, even though they have been doing Sak Yants for thousands of years. I did meet a gentleman who was in his eighties and he had a lot of Sak Yants and I had not seen anything like them! Sadly, I did not have a camera with me at that time!  That was a long time ago, so, it does shows how things have changed.

Which Sak Yant Master should I visit to get a Thai Tattoo?

Ajarn Masters

There are many masters around Thailand and it will all depend on who you wish to have yours done by. In Thailand there are only two Grand masters who are recognized by the TV companies and the government as genuine Grand masters and who can provide answers to all Sak Yants Thai Tattoos.

Those two top Grand Masters are:

Ajarn Noo

who did Angelina Jolie’s tattoos and became famous for doing so. (Even though he was already famous for what his past work in Thailand). Nowadays, Ajarn Noo is getting older and is now semi-retired.

Ajarn Ohr

who is younger and has now taken the position of Ajarn Noo. Luckily, we will have Ajarn Ohr for the next 10 or 20 years! Who will come after him is yet unknown.

Who to visit is also about how much you want to pay for a Sak Yant design. If you want the best, it’s natural to pay for the best.

Of course, if you get one from a master who has no credibility, it will cost somewhat less.

At our Sam Nak Thai tattoo office studio, it is cheaper with two of the future Grandmasters of Sak Yant:- They are Master Ajarn Aut and Master Ajarn Sak.

We are working with them and Ajarn Ohr to make this happen. Ajarn Ohr travels around the world, UK, Europe, USA, Hong Kong, China, Australia, etc. Ajarn Sak currently tours in China, and Ajarn Aut is going to the USA soon. They are all getting famous and more renowned due to their skills and what they do.

Monks are not allowed to give Sak Yant Tattoos

Monks should have never in the first place to have done Sak Yant Thai tattoos, as I have pointed out many years ago. It looks like the government has at last taken notice and come to realize this. I have in the past worked with some monks doing this, and it was all about money, even though monks are not allowed to conduct these affairs, it is good for the temples, but the monks were also putting some of the money into their bank accounts which are certainly forbidden! Sak Yants are not about temples or monks, they are about Sak Yant masters and Ruesi masters. Sak Yant masters are allowed to make money through donations or prices, etc. and they are also allowed to tattoo women. (Whereas monks are not allowed to touch a woman’s skin, although they get around this by putting a cloth between themselves and the female). How did monks start doing this? Because temples are treasure houses of knowledge from storing information over the centuries. Over time, temples in Thailand added schools to them and knowledge was kept at them for safekeeping. Some monks thought that the idea of providing Sak Yants was a good idea and started to practice it. But according to Buddhist principles, it should have never been.

Of course, if you get one from a master who has no credibility, it will cost somewhat less.

At our Sam Nak Thai tattoo office studio, it is cheaper with two of the future Grandmasters of Sak Yant:- They are Master Ajarn Aut and Master Ajarn Sak.

We are working with them and Ajarn Ohr to make this happen. Ajarn Ohr travels around the world, UK, Europe, the USA, Hong Kong, China, Australia, etc. Ajarn Sak currently tours in China, and Ajarn Aut is going to the USA soon. They are all getting famous and more renowned due to their skills and what they do.

Why monks are never allowed to touch a women’s skin?

This is pretty much simple, whereas if a man touches a woman’s skin, he may get aroused and cannot stop leading to carnal thoughts. And that is why monks should never give a woman a Sak Yant Tattoo.

Where can I get a Sacred Sak Yant Thai Tattoo on my body?

Above the waist and/or below the waist?

Many websites will tell you that a master has to choose the design and then will select where you can have it. That’s not true! There is only one golden rule, and that is some Yant designs cannot be administered below the waist. Designs with Gods, Hah Taew 5 lines, Gao Yord, etc. but various others can be applied if you so wish.

A guide to Thai Sak Yant Designs.

Gao Yord Yant or Yant Khru

The Gao Yord represents the 9 attributes of the Lord Buddha. Yant itself means ‘magical tattoo’ and Yord signifies the top (or the best). The Yant Gao Yord represents protection, avoiding danger and harm, and being invulnerable. It is the master Yant and controls other Yants like, Twin Tigers. You do not want the spirit of the Tigers etc. overpowering you. So, the Gao Yord helps you keep your spirit stable.

(ID No 5)

In ancient times before one received any Sak Yant Sacred Thai tattoo on one’s body, most would start with a Yant Gao Yord to display respect to a master. The traditional placement is usually right below the neck on your back but can be placed anywhere above the waist.

Yant Hah Taew, 5 Lines of Kata Yants

5 Line Hah Taew Thai Tattoo

The renowned Yant Hah Taew is one of the most popular Sak Yant tattoos in both Thailand and beyond. Yant Hah Taew provides life sustenance, good luck, good fortune, wealth, attraction, charisma, success, and the warding off of evil. No wonder it is so popular!


Thai Tattoo Hah Taew, Thai Sacred 5 Line Tattoo

(ID No. 1)

Five Diamond Tattoo (Good Luck and Fortune) is traditional Thai tattoo with five rows of yantras representing magical spells.

It has a similar definition to the Yant Hah Taew, but the Yant Hah Petch is deemed more powerful due to the interconnecting of all the magical spells together and especially towards good Luck, fortune, and wealth.

Yant 29 Spires, Yee Sib Gao Yord

Yee Sib Gao Yord 29 spires

The Yee Sib Gao Yord is an extension/expansion of the Yant Gao Yord which grants you increased protection and the ability to be invulnerable.

Yee Sib Gao Yord 29 spires

Paed Tidt Yant, 8 directions

8 Directional Yant for Helpfulness, Kindness, Protection and Travelling.

Pead Tidt 8 directions

The Yant Paed Tidt uses a sacred spell called Phaa Kaataa Eitiphiso Paed Tidt, which is a very powerful spell. The Yant Paed Tidt represents protection from 8 directions to forbid any ghosts, black magic, bad spirits and harm to affect you. This assists you in bringing you success with things in life you are dealing with, i.e., running a business.

Paed Tidt Yant 8 Directions

(ID No. 8)

Twin Tigers Yant, Suea Koo Yant

The twin tigers represent the highest level of power, strength, authority and stamina. To be fearless and grant powers of protection.

Twin Tigers Thai tattoo

(ID No. 9)

In the ancient past, this tattoo Yant was very popular with warriors and provided the warrior with the power to have no fear, to keep on fighting, and never give up.

Suea Koo Twin Tiger Thai Yant Tattoo

Turtle Yant, Phraya Tao Ruean

The Yant Phraya Tao Ruean, Turtle yant represents a mix of wealth, health, kindness, luck, long life and good fortune. The Yant Phaya Tao Ruean is suited for a business owner, self-employee, business man and seller. Thai people believe a turtle is a Bodhisattva who saves people’s lives.

Tortoise Turtle Thai tattoo

 (ID No. 11)

The Chinese believe the turtle to be a symbol of longevity, and also to be wealthy and healthy. Also, its shell represents a house we all can reside in.

Crocodile Yant, Thaerawad Jorakae Yant

This is an amazing Yant for protection, so much so that one’s skin cannot be stabbed by a knife. Regarded as being not only beautiful but also grants strong protective powers.  

Twin Crocodiles Thai tattoo

(ID No. 16)

Rahu Moon God and Pra Narai Yants

Phra Rahu Moon God Thai Yant Tattoo

(ID No. 31)

Pra Rahu is deemed as being a god of both change and disaster and it is believed that Pra Rahu has the ability to control your life and fortune. When you have the power of Pra Narai (who has the power over Pra Rahu), Pra Narai can prevent Pra Rahu from having any negative power in your life. This will bring about the capability to repel any bad luck and any other negativity coming your way. The symbology of Pra Narai swallowing the moon, which then expels the sun from behind, symbolizes the re-birth of a human going from the realm of darkness to that of light.

Rahu Thai tattoo Yant

Lion Yant Mythical Sing Yant

sing mythical lion Thai Sak Yant Tattoo

The mythical lion Yant is a powerful talisman which makes people afraid of your power, ability and also brings you great charm and charisma.

Ruesi Master Yant

A Ruesi is a Brahman who sees his role as a helper to anyone who needs it. At one time these ascetics were called upon to perform many ceremonies and would come and stay alone for the duration and refuse any payment. They would follow a code of discipline regarding physical and mental practices which enabled them to stay at a high spiritual level during their long journeys.

Ruesi Thai tattoo Sak Yant Master
Ruesi back Piece Thai Sak Yant Tattoo

(ID No. 72)

Thus, this Yant brings the bearer to power to mentally and spiritually break free from the bondage of the modern world which tries endlessly to enslave us in.

Ruesi Thai tattoo Sak Yant Master

(ID No. 72)

Necklace Sangwan Thai Tattoo, Yant Soy Sung Warn

Necklace Sangwan Thai Tattoo, Yant Soy Sung Warn

(ID No. 37)

Necklace Sangwan Thai Tattoo, Yant Soy Sung Warn symbolizes invulnerability. Soy Sung Warn is similar in design to a necklace and was used as an accessory in ancient times and was very popular with warriors who wore this Sak Yant tattoo on the chest to protect them from danger and harm. It also provides protection from any weapon which an enemy could hurt them with.

Necklace Sangwan Thai Tattoo
Sangwan Cheast necklace Yant Thai Tattoo

Yant Phutsorn, Phra Hah Ong

Yant Phutsorn Thai Tattoo

(ID No. 22)

It is also believed that the Yant Phutsorn assists you in promoting your career and that people around you will respect you and be helpful and kind to you.

Yant Namahasamred

Yant Namahasamred with 5 Unalome Spires

The Yant Namahasamred – ‘Na’ means symbol, Maha means large and Samred entails success. Therefore, Yant Namahasamred symbolizes massive success and to be successful in anything you wish for alongside your career including family, studying, relationships and in business.

Centipede Yant, Yant Takarb

Centipede Thai tattoo

(ID No. 27)

The Yant Takarb or Centipede Yant represents practicality, sensibility, being balanced, invulnerable, and offering protection. The Centipede has a long body and many legs which represents protection. Its whiskers are representative of apperception; the two tails represent patience; the two canine teeth symbolize conscience and the two eyes are gratefulness and thankfulness.

Unalome Yant

Unalome Thai tattoo

(ID No. 109)

The renowned Unalome is a sacred symbol for Lord Buddha and is also portrayed as the eye of the Buddha and/or the third eye. As you will see, Unalomes come in a variety of expressions and designs, many traditional and a few modern ones, some big and some small.

In the Sak Yant tradition, the Unalome is the prime yantra that is in all Sak Yant tattoo designs and has to be included at the top part of the body to attain its sacred power.

The Unalome represents good luck, success, and protection from evil.

Yant Ganesh

Thai Elephant Chang Thai Sak Yant Tattoo

(ID No. 25)

Ganesh, (aka Ganesha) the chubby, gentle and wise, elephant-headed Hindu God is one of the most popular and revered deities in Sak Yants. He is honored at the start of a journey or business venture, and poets have traditionally invoked him when starting a new book. Ganesh will remove obstacles and will bring business and financial prosperity to the wearer.

Yant Ganesh Thai Tattoo

Yant Hanuman

The one and only Hanuman is the mythical Monkey God from the time of the Rama period and is unbeatable, with powers that are more outstanding than a human can possess.

Hanuman is able to fly and the Thai culture is well aware of how Hanuman led a monkey army to rid the world of dark entities.

Hanuman Sak Yant Thai Tattoo

These actions gave hope for all humanity by displaying that mere humans can rise above the shallow world of earthly pain.

Yant Hanuman Song Sing Thai Tattoo

This Sak Yant bestows upon the wearer the qualities of protection from danger, being fearless when confronted with adversity, strong self-confidence, being able to influence people and staying focussed and having the desired determination to see things through to a successful conclusion.

Hanuman Sak yant Thai Tattoo

Lotus Yant, Dok Bua Golden Lotus Flower

Lotus Golden Unalome Yant Dok Bua Thai Tattoo

The popular Dok Bua Thong (the golden lotus Flower) yant is for those who are seeking to attract both love and luck in their lives. It is also accommodating to secure successful progress in all types of negotiations. The Golden Lotus Yant is very powerful due to its possessing qualities that will help believers with the spiritual cleansing of their minds and their body’s aura.

Golden Lotus flower, Dok Bua
Golden Lotus with 5 Unalome Thai Yant hand Tattoo

Yant Dragon, Mangkorn

(ID No 26)

The dragon is one of the most powerful and destructive of the mythical beasts. The fire-breathing dragon uses this annihilative force to destroy its enemies. Due to these powers, it is feared among its enemies.

Dragon Sak Yant Thai tattoo

Yant Naga Thai Tattoo

Yant Naga Thai Tattoo

(ID No. 50)

The Naga Yant or Yant Phraya Nak in Thai history, is the king of the snakes residing in the Mighty Mekong and is very powerful and protects it. The Naga is a symbol of power and abundance and Thais believe that a rainbow is the Naga connecting earth and heaven. The Naga Yant symbolises qualities such as kindness, popularity, good fortune, luck and wealth.

Yant Butterfly, Pee Sue Ladree

Pee Sue Ladree Butterfly Thai Tattoo Yant

(ID No 54)

This Yant boosts attraction and is highly popular in the field of entertainment, especially among singers, musicians, actors, and actresses.

Yant, See, Hear and Speak No Evil

Yant Thai Tattoo Hear, See and Speak No Evil

The see, hear, and speak no evil yant represents not to be affected when evil is being done around you and not letting it have any effect on one’s state of mind. At the same time, if one can make a positive change, then one should!

Yant Single Line

This revered and sacred design provides protection against harmful elements and danger and removes them from your life.

Thai Yant Single line on back

The wearer of this Yant will be granted the virtues of Buddha and guarded against evil spirits and all forms of the dark arts.      

Thai Yant Single line down Back

(ID No 148)

Yant Golden Lotus with 3 Unalomes and Single Line

Lotus Golden Flower Single Line Thai Tattoo

This one featues the yant single line combined with a Golden Lotus flower and 3 unalomes above it. Of course this would blend the benefits of all the Sak Yan tattoos.

Elephant Yant

The Elephant is a known symbol for wisdom, dignity, strength, royalty, removal of obstacles and barriers, confidence, patience using education opportunities.

Elephant 3 headed Sak Yant Thai Tattoo

(ID No. 64)

The elephant is also Thailand’s national animal and so respected and revered around the country.

Yant Pheasant, Kai Fa

The Pheasant is viewed as one of the most elegant and beautiful creatures, and it is believed that those who have this sak yant tattoo will have both beauty and be loved by everyone.

Thai Tattoo Sak Yant Bird

(ID No. 36)

This beautiful bird will also bring assistance in matters of good business, wealth and help in receiving a helping hand from others.        

Eel Yant, Plali

The Eels typify both kindness and good fortune. Being a powerful expression of virtuousness, it will bring success in your business, also a good reputation, merciful and great charm.   

(ID No. 88)

Things around you will flow smoothly just as an eel which has smooth flow and movement. This design will help those who wear it to navigate smoothly through life and give them greater power so that their enemies can never defeat them.

Twin Birds Yant, Salika Koo

This Yant is of the Maha Saneh variety and is known to increase attractiveness which is useful, especially in romantic encounters. It is also said to be effective in job interviews, press conferences or important meetings.

(ID No. 42)

This Yant will assist if the bearer speaks the truth and with sincerity, so it can be useful to people involved in sales and various others who rely on the power of speech.

Round (Circular) Yants

These sacred designs provide protection and will help you to prevent danger and harm, and avoid and ward off any dark energy coming your way in your life. These contain the Buddha’s virtues and will protect you against evil spirits and negativity from others.

Below Senior Master Ajarn Aut

Professional Sak Yant Masters and Tattoo Artists

Our Sak Yant Thai Tattoo Masters have done their time as disciples and trained for many years. They are fully qualified Sak Yant masters and trained by Grand Masters. Our masters are certified by the Thai government as genuine masters.

5 Stars Services

We give the best experience that can be given, right from the time we reply to your inquiry to getting the best tattoo and blessing done. Then you can give a review of the experience.

Clean Sterilize Equipment

New needles every time and ink imported from the USA. We are one of the cleanest studios in the world. The Studio is certified to the highest hygiene by the government. Inspected and licensed to operate as a tattoo studio. All artists/masters are tested every year for blood diseases. We are as good as western standards or better.

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