Luang Phor Tuad Sacred Thai Amulets

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Luang Phor Tuad and his Amulets

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Luang Phor Tuad Sacred

Luang Phor Tuad Sacred Thai Amulets

Luang Phor Tuad’s life starts off with a mystery. While he is revered as a Thai monk, some say that he was born in Perak, Malaysia while other sources claim he was born in Songkhla, Thailand.

 The legend surrounding LP Tuad’s childhood is just as fascinating. According to oral traditions, when LP Tuad was a child, his mother rested him under a tree while she worked.  When she checked on him later in the day, she found a large venomous snake coiled around the infant. Rather than try to get rid of the snake, LP Tuad’s mother laid down offerings of flowers for the snake. In response, the snake spits out a crystal ball before slithering away.

When Tuad turned five, he was enrolled in dharma lessons at the nearby temple. He quickly mastered the teachings and eventually traveled to nearby temples in order to expose himself to more challenging teachings.  At the very early age of 12, Tuad became a full-fledged monk.

LP Tuad is well known and revered for his kindness as well as the many miracles he performed in his lifetime. Luang Phor Tuad’s amulets are said to lend protection during dangerous moments such as attacks and car accidents.

Luang Phor Tuad is one of the most easily recognized monks in Thailand. His image can be seen in amulets as well as statues, photographs, and ornaments in many shops and homes.

Luang Phor Tuad’s statue in Thailand

The first amulets depicting Luang Phor Tuad were created in 1954. They were created by compressing a special herb known as “nuwa waan”. As more and more people sought these amulets, more were created.  Sometimes they were made from metals while other times they were made using the compressed plant method mentioned above.

In his later years, Tuad became the head monk at the Changhai Pattani temple. He also restored Pha Khoh temple and performed many miracles. Luang Phor Tuad passed away at the age of 120.

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