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Thai Buddha Amulet Monk Phor Pae

Luang Phor Pae Thai Amulets

Thai Buddha Amulet Monk Luang Phor Pae was born on the first of January in 1905. At the age of 8 months, Luang Phor Pae’s mother died. He was then adopted by his uncle. At age 11, he studied a specialized language (Pali) to help interpret Buddhist text. He studied Pali under Pra Ajan Som. When Luang Phor Pae turned 14, his uncle secured a spot for him at Chanosongkram temple in the heart of Bangkok. While he was there, Pae dedicated himself to Buddhist studies.

When Luang Phor Pae was 22, he officially became a monk. Later that year he became a teacher at Chanosongkram. Later, in 1931, the abbot of Wat Pikul retired from his position and requested that Luang Phor Pae take his place. At the young age of 26, Luang Phor Pae became the abbot of Wat Pikul.

While there, he also helped rebuild the temple as it was quite old and had not seen extensive repairs for years.  In addition to rebuilding the temple, Luang Phor Pae also housed, fed, and cared for students who wished to attend the temple but who could not afford it.

When he was 33 years old, he created his first amulets. After this point, Luang Phor Pae was well-known as a monk who was skilled in amulet-making.  There are many stories describing the success and protection of those wearing Luang Phor Pae amulets. One such story includes a man who lived on a secluded mountain. He traveled to the city in order to procure one of LP Pae’s amulets. His family was not poor, but they wished for a better life. Soon after putting on the amulet, the old man immediately had an idea to install a water filter and pump in the spring near his home. He was unsure of how this would help him, but he decided to follow the inspiration. Once the spring was set up, the old man’s city saw so many visitors that it grew into a bustling (but small town) the man was credited with the success of his village, and his family was taken care of.

Another interesting story involving Luang Phor Pae’s amulets is that the famous movie star, Jackie Chan, wore one of LP Pae’s amulets during many films. During one strenuous filming day, Chan was at the top of a high clock tower. Miraculously, he survived with no injuries – a fact which many attributes to him wearing Luang Phor Pae’s amulet.

LP Pae passed away in 1999 at the age of 94. He remains one of the most highly respected monks who is well known for his kindness, charitable acts, and talent for creating powerful amulets.

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