Luang Phor Yam Sacred Thai Amulets

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Luang Phor Yam and his Amulets

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Luang Phor Yam

Luang Phor Yam Sacred Thai Amulets

Luang Phor Yam was born on January 5th in 1915 in Nakhon Pathon Province. When he turned 23, he became a monk and studied under Luang Phor Tae who instructed him in meditation and magical incantation.

Luang Phor Yam’s meditation skills are said to aid him in seeing the future. In addition to his spiritual skills, LP Yam also is well versed in medicine. LP Yam’s most famous amulet is known as the Guman Thong and is a figure of a young child.


Guman Thong by Monk Yam

Above: An example of the Gunam Thong (also called Kunam Thong)

In 1982, LP yam became the abbot (head monk) of Wat Sam Ngam. After his post, he renovated the temple by adding space to the main building and also by building monasteries to house a larger number of monks. His efforts were not limited to the temple. LP Yam also helped build school buildings and funeral halls. While his community efforts are well-known and well respected, his amulets (which he starting making in 1962) are very famous and quite rare.

One example of the protection offered by LP Yam’s amulets is when a police officer was shot in the chest by a criminal who was caught stealing money from an elderly woman. The bullet hit the police officer but simply fell to the ground, leaving a tiny mark (like a mosquito bite) on his skin. The police officer’s only comment was that he was wearing one of LP Yam’s amulets. Since then Yam’s amulets have grown in popularity.  Many people like to put this near their business or homes as the amulet is said to bring wealth.

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