Massage Therapy Bangkok by Ruesi Master Ajarn Morsamarn

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Massage Therapy Bangkok. Reading these descriptions and examples of white magic will help in a better understanding of Sank Yant Magical art of sacred designs and amulets etc.

Massage Therapy Bangkok by Ruesi Master Ajarn Morsamarn

Massage Therapy Bangkok by Ajarn Morsamarn, massaging my broken shoulder, head, toes, etc. I needed some serious help, and this man was there for me. With his magical oils and those experienced magical hands. He practices the art of deep tissue massage therapy to muscles, bone, and joints. His magical oils go deep into the body and give a deep heat effect to the skin, muscle, and joints. It gets really hot and takes the pain away which I needed after I fractured my skull, burst both eardrums, both eyeball sockets, broken collar bone. I also broke 3 of my ribs which punctured my lung, and I died 3 times in an I.C.U ward.

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After 3 days of being in a coma and then 4 days under morphine before checking out of the hospital. I spent the next 7 days spaced out on Tramadol pain killers. The pain was intense and needed some serious help to keep me going. I had a business to operate, and someone informed me, that Ajarn Morsamarn could help me and he really did help me through this.

Ajarn Morsomarn worked on my foot which was infected with gangrene from the hospital. The skin had been cut off from an area of my foot. As shown in the picture below and this was very painful as well as being susceptible to infection. Ajarn Morsamarn treated it with his own magical oil to make sure it would heal quickly.

I had two broken toe’s which the Ajarn stretched and put back into position by a quick snapping action. They instantly felt better and allowed me to walk better.


I had 3 broken ribs that went through my left lunge. They also put a drain in through the side of my rib cage to drain the lung cavity of blood. They put a slit in the skin and broke the ribs apart to put two 25mm tubes in.  A lot of damage in this area. Ajarn Morsamarn checked the area and found where the break in the bones where. He pressed on the ribs with great force and put the ribs back in place. That really did hurt. He did a good job and 3 months later there is no more pain and the bones have set straight.


Massage Therapy Bangkok by Ajarn Morsamarn. He is very busy and does many people of all ages for all sorts of conditions. It really hurts with his powerful arms and hands. I would feel bad for up to 2 hours afterward, but then it would start to kick in, the feeling of raw power would run through my body. I would feel taller and stand straight again. I went to him every 3 days, to allow him time to fix me. I truly believe in his magical powers. He would only take 30 minutes to do this. I have had a lot of Thai massages over the years. I like to go at least once a week for a 2-hour Thai massage and they do not come close to what he can do.


While some of his customers waited, they actually helped to make the Ajarn a cocktail of special leaves and herbs that he chews. This gives him the power to last the hard day’s work. He told me from day one to get off the Tramadol pain killers and I thought he must be crazy. The pain from all these broken bones is too much. He gave me some leaves to eat for the pain and sure enough, they worked.

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