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Luang Phor Key and his Amulets

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Thai Buddha Amulet Monk Luang Phor Key

Luang Phor Key Sacred Thai Amulets

Thai Buddha Amulet Monk Luang Phor Key Gitiyanno was born on 24th May 1928. He was ordained at the age of 21 at Wat Phetburi in the province of Surin. His teachers were LP Hong (Wat SuSanTonMon)  and LP Rith  (Wat Petchburi ) and the three of them were considered to be the three greatest monks in Surin. They often went on Tudong ( spiritual journeys) in the forest and learned from each other. It is said that they often invited each other to participate in ceremonies, both magical and spiritual.

They all went on a Tudong to PaNomDongRuk mountain where L P Cherd taught LP Key Visha magic and Dharma. L P Key already knew some magic from Cambodia and he was well known for making good amulets, particularly for attractiveness, luck, wealth, and protection. He also made amulets featuring Lord Shiva, Sivali, and Hanuman.

He was considered a good monk and a good person and was famous for his power (Bahramee) and his Metta, which is loving-kindness.

Among his most famous amulets are the Palad Khik Nang Kruan (lady embracing a phallus) for an improved love life. This is a unisex amulet and can be used by either males or females as it represents the mixing of male and female energies. The Run Ruay Sap amulet is for riches and good fortune and can be used by anyone. The Palad Khik represents Shiva phallic male energy and should be used only by males.

These amulets are in great demand and unfortunately have been the targets of forgers in the past. Fakes have been offered for lower prices online. Choose where to buy from carefully.

There are many fakes in Thailand. It is a billion-dollar industry in Thailand. Genuine amulets rare amulets can sell for amazing amounts of money. It is better to do your homework and check the certification if you are paying large amounts of money. Anybody selling should have a history that can be checked. 

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