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Luang Phor Tim and his Amulets

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Thai Amulet Monk Luang Phor Tim

Luang Phor Tim Sacred Thai Amulets

Thai Amulet Monk Luang Phor Tim was born in the year 2422 in Ban Hua Tunnttabuon. When LP Tim turned 17, his parents sent him to Tan Phor Singh where he studied Buddhism for a year. Afterward, he came back to his hometown at the request of his father. In the nearby Thatkaow temple, LP Tim became a monk. He was given the title of the monk as well as a new name to reflect his religious commitment. He was called Issaliko.

I’m in order to enhance his understanding and connection with Buddhism, he engaged in multiple retreats into the forests over the next three years. After the forest retreats, he spent two years at Narmothom Temple. While he was there, he studied magic with three high-ranking monks. Archan Lem, Archan Lod, and Archan Saii all had a tremendous influence on Luang Phor Tim’s development and attainment of magical knowledge. In addition to these three men, LP Tim also studied under his uncle, Luang PuSong Thao. When his uncle passed away, he left behind a mysterious and mystical book of magic that few people in the world have ever seen. LP Tim performed many miracles up until his death at age 72.

One of the more interesting stories involving LP Tim is about the time a woman had died while pregnant. LP Tim instructed one of his followers (Kon Kulahp) to find the corpse of the woman who had died and a part of the unborn child’s skull from the mother’s body. Most importantly, Kon Kulahp must not turn around or look back once he had done this.   Kon Kulahp followed these orders and LP Tim ground the skull fragments into a powder which was then mixed into the clay which was used to make the amulets.

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