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Thai Amulets. Reading these descriptions and examples of white magic will help in a better understanding of sacred Amulets.

Thai Amulet

Thai Amulet

Grand Master Ajarn Ohr, Wai Khru Amulets $75 each. Thai Year 2062, Limited, only 24 available

Thai Amulets. The main thing that a Amulet should do is give you good luck and then protection from many different things that are coming your way. So, there are many types of Amulets for different purposes. such as those to offer protection, attraction, wealth, good health, confidence and just to speak well. There are, so many reasons.

Above, Amulets are made by Grand Master Ajarn Ohr. He will do this type once a year for his Wai Khru ceremony. He and his disciples spend a few days mixing and molding and heating them up to dry them out. Thai Amulets can be made from many different materials.

Then Grand Master Ajarn Ohr performs the white magical ceremony to energize the Amulets for good luck.
Thai Amulets do not have any physical magic, as some people suggest. This is suggested, just to make more profit from the amulets.

Today you see Amulets that look perfect in detail. These are generic Amulets.  This is normal for many temples to do and then perform the white magical blessing on them. It is not practical for all temples to have masters that can make them. If you look at the above picture you will see the Amulets do not have high quality details as they are made the same way it as been done for many thousands of years. 

Buddhism, Sak Yant sacred tattoos, yants, and Takruts. These are tools/instruments to help you get what you want from life. You cannot buy an amulet, Takrut, or have a Sak yant tattoo done and just sit back and wait for things to change in your life. You must think positively and change the way you look at life. Aim to live a good life, do good, then things will happen to make your life better. You will be surprised how quickly things can change but you will need power and commitment to do it.

Thai amulets started out as small tablets that had good luck scripts engraved onto them. They were bartered, fair-traded, or given out as gifts. Today, the amulets are blessed by a monk or a Sak Yant Master and used as a blessed Buddhist item to attract good luck, good fortune, or protection. They are also given away or sold to disciples and people who practice Buddhism. They are used as a reward by the temples and monks and it is amazing how much Thai people give to the temples. This is one way for temples to get donations/money to operate as a temple. Thai government give nothing. All temples are built and paid for by Thai people. But after all, it’s about giving and receiving in life, it is Karma.

Ruesi Mask Amulet 2
Ruesi Mask Amulet

Ruesi Mask Amulet, 3.5 cm high, $185
This Amulet is very nice and made from metal and covered in gold plating. The face has clear glass diamond stones with a black center one. The back is filled from a sacred material. Inserted in the material is a Takrut and blue diamond shape stone. There is also a Yant inscription on it for good luck. Thai Year it was made is 2056. 8 year old. Limited, only 1 available

Amulet Takrut

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