Stick and Poke Tattoo Kits

Sak in Thai means to tap, poke the skin with the hand poke stick.

Thai Hand Poke Tattoo sticks was original made from sharpened Bamboo sticks

Stick and Poke Tattoo Kits, check below for the different designs we have for sale. You can also buy sticks/rods that are blessed for good luck and prosperity.  These Stick and Poke Tattoo Kits are the best kits you can buy. It is very important to get sterilization to the highest level.  The stick has to fit into the auto clave or you will need to remove the tip, shank that needs to be sterilized.

Below shows four different ways you can set up the stick up.

Stick and Poke Tattoo kits
Stick and Poke Tattoo kits

The price for this Thai Tattoo Hand Poke kit is USA $140, Thai Baht is the final price ฿4,500 

Stick and Poke Tattoo kits

Watch YouTube on how to attach needles on the tips 

 click on the link

hand poke tips hygienic, sanitizer by autoclave

Stick and Poke Tattoo kits

high grade Stainless Steel with 5 tips. The fifth tip is an Allen/Hex key screw needle clamp tip.   

Baht 5000 which is about $165, this includes shipping 

ID No Stick 2 

Stick and Poke Kits

Hand Poke Tip Clamp Style

We have been using them for over a year and still work well.

This tip is the best design at the moment. We use this design on all our sticks. It is quick and easy to use. 

Allen / Hex key screw needle clamp tip 

Baht 1000 which is about $33 each, this includes shipping 

ID No – Tip 1 

Hand poke Clamp Tips

Below are machine needles, that have been remove from the stems. A gas lighter will melt the soldier that holds the needles to the stem. 

Hand Poke Tattoo Machine Needles removed from stem/rod

Example of 3 different needle set ups 

Hand Poke Tattoo Needle Clamp Tips

Stick and Poke Tattoo kits

Beautiful Stick and Poke Tattoo Kits made from polished Brass and Stainless Steel Tips.  

Comes with two tips. One Allen / Hex key screw clamp needle tip and one old style split tip which can be re sharpened with very high grit paper.


Baht 8000 which is about $245, this includes shipping 

ID No Stick 3 

Stick and Poke Tattoo kits

One of the most beautiful and well balanced hand poke stick I have seen.

Hand Poke Tap Tattoo Stick, Brass and Stainless Steel Construction

Allen / Hex key screw needle clamp tip 

Hand poke Clamp Tips

Old style two pronged split tattoo tip which can be autoclaved to clean and sterilized.  

Sharpened by high polishing grit paper 

Hand Poke Two Prong Split Tattoo Tip

Stick and Poke Tattoo kits

Sacred Hand Poke Thai Stick and Poke Tattoo Kits made from 100-year plus sacred wood, aged and blessed by Grand Master, monk for good luck in work and prosperity. Machined Brass weight and Stainless-Steel rod and needle clamp tip.  

Comes with one Allen / Hex key screw clamp tip with interchangeable needles. 

Baht 10.000 which is about $330, this includes shipping 

ID No Stick 4 

Stick and Poke Tattoo kits

When the stick is blessed, gold leaf is put on the wooden handle and rubbed in to make the magic more powerful to give prosperity and good luck.

Do not autoclave the wooden handle.  

Hand Poke Thai Tattoo Stick

These sticks and tips can be cleaned by autoclave accept the wooden handle.

We have been in the hand poke business for about 15 years and our master many more years before that. In the early years Hand Poke Sticks were sharpened Bamboo and that is why it is referred to as Thai Bamboo style tattoos. It was used for many, tens of thousands of years. As metal became available it slowly replaced the Bamboo stick. The stainless-steel sticks have gone through many designs. At first the rod or stick, was sharpened at the tip. So, it could only do a single dot on one stroke in the skin just like the Bamboo stick. That’s why you would see in the early days of Thai tattoos. 

They were done as dots in a line to make the tattoo design. To join the dots as they are today would take a long time with a single dot. Example below. 

Below is a full picture of the stick/rod. It is made from a single piece of Stainless Steel, as in the early days all masters would only do Thai Sak Yant tattoos in there Sam Nak, and that translates to tattoo office or temple. It did not matter the sticks were so long, but these days they travel a lot. 

One piece Stick and Poke Two Prong Tattoo Tip

Close up of a two prong tattoo hand poke tip

Below is a packet of, 1000 loose needles. These loose needles are tied or glued to the stainless-steel tips. It was time consuming and not accurate.

Tattoo machines needles have multiple needles and that’s why they do better tattoos. So, we had to try and do the same. Below we developed a system where we could attach had machine needles. Watch the video to se how we did it.

After this we developed new plastic disposable tips, shown below. Which can be bought in various sizes in sterilized bags and boxes. In the end we found a lower cost and better way to do it. That was the clamp system.

Below is what you can expect of machine needle set up on Hand Poke Tattoos with these latest design sticks

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