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Luang Phor Tae and his Amulets

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Thai Amulet Monk Luang Phor Tae

Luang Phor Tae

Thai Amulet Monk Luang Phor Tae was born in Ban Sumnagarm village in Nakonpathom province. There were seven other children in his family and he was the fifth oldest. At the early age of seven, Luang Phor Tae became ordained as a novice monk at the temple in Garlong Samutsakorn. While he was at the temple, he studied dharma and magic incantations from his uncle who was the abbot of the temple.

Even at this young age, Luang Phor Tae was compassionate. When he saw that there was no temple in his area, he asked about building a new one. The monks in the nearby village’s temple promised that they would work on building one.

When Luang Phor Tae was 21 years old, he took the steps to become a fully committed monk and was ordained a full-fledged monk by the well-known guru, Luang Phor Tar Wat Paneangtak. Luang Phor Tar was also known by the title ‘” Still Gold”. He had a vast knowledge of magic, incantations, and spells for protection. Luang Phor Tar taught Luang Phor Tae everything he knew about magic as well as meditation.

When the abbot of Wat Samngam passed away, Luang Tae agreed to take over the position and moved to the temple to help bless it and offer spiritual guidance to the village as well as the temple.  Later Lp Tae studied under Luang Phor Cham. LP Cham was a Cambodian monk who was well-versed in all types of magic. Luang Phor gained knowledge of the spells and magic belonging to LP Cham.

One of the most powerful amulets offered by LP Tae is the ones he created in the Thai year 2510. These amulets were amazingly made by mixing the ashes of unborn children who had died naturally into the clay for the amulets. The ashes were chanted over so that the children would have good karma in order to have a good life when they were reincarnated.

Luang Phor Tae passed away on December 25th of 2524. He was 80 years old. Currently, his body is on display at Wat Samgam. People come from miles away to visit his body and to worship and pray.

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