History of Thailand Sak Yant Thai Tattoos

Thai Tattoo Sak Yant Animal Spirit. Reading these descriptions and examples of white magic will help in a better understanding of Sank Yant Magical art of sacred designs and amulets etc.

Thai Tattoo Sak Yant Animal Spirit

Elephant Thai Tattoo

Elephant’s Wisdom Includes



Connection to ancient wisdom

Removal of obstacles and barriers



Using education opportunities

Tiger Thai Tattoo

Tiger’s Wisdom Includes



Strength and will-power in the face of adversity

Acting in a timely manner

Action without analysis

Crocodile Thai Tattoo

Alligator/Crocodile’s Wisdom Includes

Maternal protection

Connection to the earth mother

Protection from manipulation

Understanding deceit

Revenge through patience


Understanding weather

Access to ancient knowledge

Snake Thai Tattoo

Snake/Serpent’s Wisdom Includes

Messenger of the Rainbow Serpent


Manipulates lightning


Exploration of the mysteries of life

Primitive or elemental energy

Protection from religious persecution

Goddess energy

Psychic energy

Creative power



Using education opportunities

Tortoise Thai Tattoo

Turtle/Tortoise’s Wisdom Includes

Symbol of the earth

Connection with the center

Navigation skills



Associated with the feminine

Power to heal female diseases

Respecting the boundaries of others

Developing new ideas

Psychically protecting oneself

Long life



Nonviolent defense

Cockerail Thai Tattoo

Chicken/Cock/Hen’s Wisdom Includes

Power of voice

Understanding language

Pecking out the answers that escape others

Awakening powers at sunrise

Protection of family and community

Hearing your inner voice

Centipede Thai Tattoo

Centipede’s Wisdom Includes



Ability to survive stress

Beauty of movement

Professional Sak Yant Masters and Tattoo Artists

Our Sak Yant Thai Tattoo Masters have done their time as disciples and trained for many years. They are fully qualified Sak Yant masters and trained by Grand Masters. Our masters are certified by the Thai government as genuine masters.

5 Stars Services

We give the best experience that can be given, right from the time we reply to your inquiry to getting the best tattoo and blessing done. Then you can give a review of the experience.

Clean Sterilize Equipment

New needles every time and ink imported from the USA. We are one of the cleanest studios in the world. The Studio is certified to the highest hygiene by the government. Inspected and licensed to operate a tattoo studio. All artists/masters are tested every year for blood diseases. We are as good as western standards or better.

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